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World Class Speaker

“Master The Art Of High-Impact Speaking For Your Business – Close Profitable Deals, Become A Powerful Negotiator & Leader… And Achieve Massive Growth In Your Business!”

Master The Techniques Of Public & Profit Speaking

For Business Owners, Trainers, Leaders, Consultants, Experts, Coaches…

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Featuring The ‘Dream Team’ Of The World’s Most Influential & Experienced Speakers, Who Specialize In motivation & monetization:

Les Brown
Les Brown
World’s #1 Motivational Speaker Toastmasters International Top Five Outstanding Speakers Worldwide
Kane & Alessia Minkus
Kane & Alessia Minkus
Founders of “Industry Rockstar”
Award-Winning Presenters, Business Coaches
& Speakers

A Breakthrough Event For You To Learn Award-Winning Strategies To Develop & Improve Your Skills In Profit-Speaking, Negotiation, Deal-Closing & Persuasion!

What You’ll Be Learning At This Event:

Learn Strategies To Build Rock-Solid Rapport With Clients, Employees, Investors…

allowing you to make a larger impact on your business with their support

Close More Clients, Face-to-Face Or Through Pitching Calls…

acquire more sales & revenue for your business in less time

Discover Negotiation Skills To help You Influence Anyone…

so you’ll know how to analyze and turn any deal in your favour

Elevate Your Leadership Finesse With Critical Speaking Skills…

to help you build a more passionate & dedicated team

Create Powerful Growth Opportunities With Other Corporate Partners…

using persuasive communication to acquire more endorsements or partnerships

Meet The Dream Team Of “World Class Speaker”
At this 3-Day live training event, you’ll be coached in the art of speaking by Kane & Alessia Minkus, together with the legendary speaking icon, Les Brown.

Meet the world’s #1 motivational speaker

Les Brown

Premier Keynote Speaker & Leading Authority On Achievement

The art of impactful storytelling discover how to share your passions and skills through stories which will captivate and appeal to any audience
How to motivate people, whether 1-1, small groups, or to a massive audience… which is a key skill in helping both yourself and other parties get the most out of any situation
How to monetize from speaking about your passion or expertise… and make a positive impact to others, while you make significant profits for yourself!
As a world-renowned motivational speaker, Les Brown is highly-sought after by Fortune 500 CEOs, small business owners, and community leaders looking to expand opportunity
Watched by hundreds of thousands on social media, and actively speaks and presents to a worldwide audience – whether online or offline
Les has spoken on world stages as large as 80,000 – and he is a master of energizing people to meet and conquer challenges, especially in the world of business
“In business as in real life there are always going to be ups and downs. However, there is always a way to achieve amazing results for your organization with a high-impact, customized message!
– Les Brown

Who is this event for:

Experts | Coaches | Presenters | Seminar Leaders | Trainers | Business Owners | Consultants | Salespeople | Entrepreneurs | Freelancers | Inventors | Actors | Models | Musicians | Producer | Media | Personalities

Over The 3-Day “World Class Speaker Event”, Kane & Alessia Minkus and Les Brown Will Be Covering The Complete 9-Step Sequence To Profit-Speaking:

1. Finding your platform and your niche

This will form an important foundation that’s crucial to building a unique message

2. How to properly present your offer to clients, partners, investors, customers

You’ll learn how to create a small offers, moving all the way up to large offers

3. How to speak to organizers for profitable partnerships

Organizers give you a platform to speak, so it’s important that you master this step!

4 .Personal rapport strategies to connect with any audience

So that you’ll be able to instantly establish likeability and connection with whoever you’re speaking to

5. 5 M’s of personal branding and building a powerful image

Learn how to create a powerful image and brand of yourself or your company… EVEN BEFORE you say a single word !

6. Storytelling that captivates and engages the audience

Stories are extremely powerful ways to engage an audience… you’ll learn how to transform your passion into captivating stories

7. 14 profit-speaking techniques

Increase the “action temperature” in the room and massively skyrocket your sales conversions

8. Performance techniques that the best presenters & speakers use

Learn the same techniques used by CEOs, leaders, even singers and actors to get the audience hooked onto every word you say

9. How to get anyone to say ‘YES’

This strategy can help you in multiple aspects of your business: in sales, negotiation, partnerships, public relations, and even leadership!

This is the first time that the ‘World Class Speaker’ 3-Day live training event is for Free – so this is your best opportunity to master the art of speaking for your business!

What Kind Of Experience Would You Like To Have For The 3-Day World Class Speaker’ Event?

Whether You’re An Expert, Entrepreneur, Business Owner Or Leader Of Any Kind…
You Will Learn How To Get More Clients, More Opportunities & Make A Global Impact…
And Ultimately Make Money With Your Passion, Story & Message!
Here Are Some Specific Strategies Suited For You:

1. You own a business

You’ll be learning how to use speaking to boost your business revenue, close more deals, and win in your negotiations

Negotiation Mastery

Learn how to create pitch decks to win over investors and stakeholders, and win presentations so that retailers and distributors will be chasing you for partnerships

Boosting Your Sales

Improve the way you do sales – from the way you speak, to knowing exactly what to say to a customer so that you tackle any objections smoothly


When you become a world-class speaker, you’ll be able to craft compelling messages that appeal to a wide audience – giving your brand more publicity to leverage on
Andy Fenton
DNA Initiative
Nadia Altmann
Life Design Coach

2. You want to start a career in speaking

You may have a passion or a skill that you excel in –
At ‘World Class Speaker’, you’ll learn how to use speaking to monetize this passion or skill

Finding Your Niche

You’ll learn how to create a niche that’s suited for your skill or passion, and how to craft a unique message so that you are heard

Telling Compelling Stories

Not everyone will understand your passion or skill at first – which is why you’ll learn how to tell powerful stories that will engage your audience right from the start

Monetizing Your Passion or Skill

Discover how through profit-speaking, you’ll be able to share your message, create an impact – and ultimately earn an income through doing what you love
“It is an entire paradigm for entering a life of public speaking.”

Brent Bruning
Master Hand Analyst
“I like the idea of profit speaking, and how they teach us to use body language and how to connect with people on the stage.”

Carmen Bruning
Travel Entrepreneur

3. You are in a career where speaking is important

You might be in a client-facing role – such as a consultant, business development executive, financial advisor –
you’ll learn how to speak to get a boost in your career

How To Establish a Connection Instantly

Learn how to present yourself in the best way possible – beyond speaking, this includes the way you dress, the colours you’re wearing… which will be covered at the event!

Sell Higher-Priced Packages

Discover techniques to properly convey the full value of your product or service, so that your clients will be more willing to purchase higher-priced packages from you

Speaking With Conviction & Handling Objections

Using neuro-anchors, you’ll be able to instantly create feelings of confidence and peace anytime – even if you get turned off-course
Penny Meganson
Wellness Entrepreneur
Debbie Hoffman
Power Up Your Follow Up
Whether you’re an existing business owner, looking to monetize your passions through speaking, or someone who’s in a client-facing role… ‘World Class Speaker’ will provide you with specific strategies to help you create more impact, influence and income!

Meet Kane & Alessia Minkus

And Their Team – The Industry Rockstar Trainers

Global recognized thought leaders in domains including: Sales & Negotiation, Persuasion, Presentation & Profit Speaking Mastery

Be Seen and Heard in the World, Be Proud of Your Achievements


Countries and over 2000 presentations delivered


Professionals impacted by our methods and mentorships


Business currently in our mentorship program


Awards won by our companies for our business practices
Owned and operated over 40 of their own companies turning over more than $300M.
Won numerous international awards and featured in over 330 Media channels for excellence.
International community of clients supporting each other’s access and growth.
Recognised with international awards for their methods.
Korie, Randi Zuckerberg, Alessia & Kane
Kane, Alessia and the Industry Rockstar Trainers have been featured in over 330 professional magazines, newspapers and television stations worldwide… including Entrepreneur Magazine and CBS
The World’s Most Powerful Speaker Training Brought To You By…
2 Families That Are Among The World’s Most Influential Speakers, Trainers & Educators On The Planet.
“The First Family Of Motivation”
Les Brown, Les Brown Jr. , Ona Brown

Partnering With…

“The First Family Of Monetization”
Kane, Alessia, Industry Rockstar Trainers
International speakers that together have spoken in over 50 countries, to more than 7 Million people globally
Reached over 1 Billion people online with videos, webinars and podcasts
Kane, Alessia and Les Brown have a combined 80 years of performance and speaking experience

Delivered more than 2000 events for over 10 years…

Training more than 500,000 business owners, entrepreneurs, and experts in 32 different countries, to create accelerated growth and influence in their businesses and industries, with the Industry Rockstar System
Kane & Alessia have also been personally invited to work with & present their Business Psychology & Human Potential techniques alongside…

The Greatest Thought Leaders Of Our Time

Including Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson, Bill Clinton and many more
Kane and Alessia have worked with numerous corporate clients, including Amazon, Apple, Coca Cola, Microsoft, Sony, Boeing, IBM, Disney, and many more…

Partial List Of Corporate Clients

Who is this event for:

Experts | Coaches | Presenters | Seminar Leaders | Trainers | Business Owners | Consultants | Salespeople | Entrepreneurs | Freelancers | Inventors | Actors | Models | Musicians | Producer | Media | Personalities
Anyone Who Wants To….
Bring their business to greater heights – using speaking to win more negotiations and close more deals
Impact people on a massive scale through speaking
Share a unique message to positively transform the lives of your audience
Profit while doing all the things you love!
The 3-Day ‘World Class Speaker’ Live Training Event Isn’t Just An Ordinary Workshop, Conference or Seminar…
Les Brown, Kane & Alessia
Join Kane Minkus & Les Brown – to learn and master one of the most profitable skills on the planet: Profit-Speaking.
This will be the MOST complete speaker training event that you will be going through, where you’ll be learning key concepts like: pitching, sales, negotiation, confidence-building, performance techniques, with a focus on Motivation &Monetization.
And we’re bringing all of that…
… To this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity…

‘World Class Speaker’

(This will possibly be the last time you’ll get to see Les Brown and certainly the FIRST time he has ever taught the secrets of his speaking success)