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Major Announcement!!! SAVE THE DATE!

3-day massive transformation and mindset event

For business owners & entrepreneurs

Take your business to the next level. Shift your mindset!

Experience the breakthroughs you need to enhance your Performance, Achievement & Impact
This November we are launching Impact & Influence. It’s a very special program that is a completely new addition to our trainings. It is a deep, deep dive into the Psychology of Human Performance, Achievement & Impact.
For 3 Days (Nov 15-17, 2019) in Scottsdale, AZ, we will present the cutting edge science behind human potential and how to boost your ability to achieve at the highest levels possible.
We will be joined by the extraordinary transformational leader: Les Brown, as we take you through a 3-day journey that synthesizes our studies of over 30 years in the science of personal transformation work – and apply it to business impact, global impact and human impact.

Note: This event is planned to be delivered in the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia one time per year as well, however, Les Brown, will only appear at the USA based event.
This event is for Industry Rockstar Advanced Training Students only, and is what we would consider our Annual Symposium/Family Reunion.
The event is completely FREE for you, only because you are considered an “Advanced Course” student.

We had been thinking for a while, to have an annual event that satisfied 2 things:

  1. Bringing together all of our advanced course students 1 time a year (these are only students that have participated in 2-year Mentorship programs, 90 Day Challenges, or 6 Months Advanced Trainings)
  2. Engage in a deep dive discussion with the whole focus on the mechanics of High Performance, Massive Achievement & Global Impact.
This event will be hosted Friday – Sunday, Nov 15th-17th, and will run from 9am until 5:30pm (ish) each day – in sunny Scottsdale, AZ at a beautiful resort location.

Venue details:

Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort and Spa at Gainey Ranch
Address: East Doubletree Ranch Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85258

From the top research in high performance, global impact and human achievement, Kane & Alessia, world leaders in Business & Human Performance Psychology, will take you through the deepest science and exercises to rewire your brain for greater success.

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We will be joined personally by Les Brown and his Daughter Ona Brown, known as some of the world’s top speakers and educators in Motivation and Transformation. And several other surprise guest presenters who will focus on the science of High Performance, Massive Achievement & Global Impact.
Mark your calendar for the dates and begin to make arrangements for this event.
You will need to arrange travel and accommodations yourself, however, the event itself will be completely free to attend for you and NOT open to the public. This event is for Industry Rockstar Global Mentorship and Advanced Course students only, as an opportunity to come together annually and dive deep into the science of Performance, Achievement & Impact!

Why the

Impact & Influence Event

A look at the science behind High Performance, Massive Achievement & Global Impact. Participants are awakened to hidden beliefs, patterns and thought processes that reveal their limiting behavior and redesign their ability to make a bigger impact, through powerful distinctions and recoding limiting frameworks of thinking.
The Impact & Influence conference is about exploring the greatest research on the planet around high performance & achievement for human beings. It is about looking at the most advanced science and techniques for a human to create maximum impact in every domain of their life.

Impact & Influence is an application event where Kane & Alessia, two of the world’s top business psychologists and transformationalists, take the participants through a series of discussions, exercises and distinctions that are the culmination of over 30 years of research in advanced personal achievement work, from all corners of the planet.

From Avatar to Hoffman, Landmark to NLP, Ken Wilbur to Howard Gardner, Spiritual to Consciousness studies, Brain to Body hacking, from Pop culture experts to hidden gurus, and for decades of testing and refining for their own lives, this weekend will dive deep and unearth patterns of unhealthy magnitude, to reorder the balance and power in each participants life.

People often struggle with achieving their highest potential, not because they don’t know what to do, but because unseen forces reduce their ability to execute well. This weekend is not about “what to do” – like many of Kane & Alessia’s award-winning trainings are – this is not about how to sell, how to do digital marketing, how to speak, etc.

This is about when you are doing it, what is the complex web of human psychology that causes either high achievement or poor achievement around the execution of what you are doing. Anybody can go through the motions. Some people master things, while some never perform above a mediocre level. This weekend is about identifying the deep forces at work that cause a human to be restricted in their achievement or become masterful in executing something.

When we look at the techniques and ourselves, this weekend is about emerging with new awareness and breakthroughs about who we are, and expand what we thought was possible as a reality. By the time you leave Impact & Influence, if you really give your attention to the material, exercises and distinctions, you will truly leave with an expanded awareness and understanding of yourself and others.

This will give you the power to make changes and to interact and react in a more powerful way in your business and life.

Why not yet?

We believe that the time for all of us to succeed is now. The only obstacle we encounter is ouirselves. Mastery of our mindset is a transformation that we can achieve rapidly. Going beyond our own self-imposed limits is the key to becoming the successful business owners we are destined and deserve to be.
To achieve the highest levels of Achievement & Impact one must become fully aligned in several different domains in their life.

From over 30 years, in the field of human development and transformation, we can see that people that achieve the most in their life, are aligned in 7 core areas – and are reaching high levels of evolution of performance, achievement & impact because of this alignment.

Being out of alignment in any of these areas causes a “power leakage”, and at this event, we will explore distinctions, exercises and games that give new insights into how to align yourself in these areas.

One symptom of being out of alignment in one or more of these 7 areas is to feel disempowered, or notice inconsistent impact. After three days at Impact & Influence, you will have a new set of tools, framework of thinking and natural ability to create more consistent Influence & Impact in your business and life
This conference is about creating alignment and therefore exponential power for an individual with aligning with the Universal Laws of Power & Impact as governed by the Universe and beyond


Stress and Fear


Well-being and Happiness


Mental and Emotional Intelligence





Impact & Influence

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